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a Few Words About Us

Our journey began thanks to our love of Switzerland and all that it offers. It all started when we were researching hiking routes and fun ways to spend a weekend. There was so much out there it was hard to choose and to know which routes and activities were appropriate for what we wanted. And so, our series of hiking guides (COMING SOON) and the blog were born.

We want to make discovering Switzerland easier and much more fun! Finding the perfect hiking route, or day trip, to suit your needs can be a long process, and without the guarantee that all of your expectations will be met. Focus on enjoying your stay and leave the researching and "day trip testing" to us.

The first guide in the series: "The Ultimate Swiss Hiking guide for the Lazy: Canton Bern" is perfect for those who want to experience the most beautiful scenery in Switzerland (in this case, Canton Bern) but do not have the time, mobility or fitness for long and strenuous hikes.

The 10 hikes in the guide are easy, accessible and also great for families with small children! In addition you will find fun activities, great places to eat and relax with a drink and the bonus material. For frequent tips, ticks and resources, our blog gives honest and detailed reviews and travel tips to help you plan your next outing. Oh and not to forget, the amazing photos!

Spend less time organising your trip, and more time enjoying it! See below for a glimpse into what's inside the guide.
Hiking routes per canton
Fun activities


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