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Easy hiking routes

With 10 routes to pick from in Canton Bern, there is something for everyone. All of the routes are accessible, easy and family-friendly. Walking long distances and up steep terrain is completely optional, but this does not mean you have to compromise on the views. Gondolas, cable cars and the ‘easy way around’ means that you can enjoy the same result as those who worked hard for it…without the threat of muscle ache the next day.

Breathtaking alpine peaks, turquoise lakes, thundering rivers and rolling green hills. All of the routes in the guide have been chosen for their wow-factor. Each has a little something special. More importantly, the scenery will make you feel special, serene and at peace.There is nothing like the feeling of humility and awe in the wake of towering peaks, or the excitement of jumping from a high rock into the turquoise waters of a glacial lake.

Lots of spectacular views

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These hikes are not just about the walk and the views. Along with everything else you will get a selection of restaurants en-route with good food and drink. We wouldn’t want anyone to get dehydrated, now would we?

The selection of restaurants in the guide were chosen for being easily accessible along the route or because they provide a unique dining experiences. Stunning views, local food, family friendly, fine dining or just an unusual experience. There is lots to choose from and something for everyone!

There is nothing like completing a perfect day outside with a little fun. Trust me, there is a lot of fun to be had. 

Activities for adults include: mountain biking, river rafting, Scottish Highland games (yes, in Switzerland) and much more. There are also something for the youngest members of the group, such as tobogganing, bumper cars and petting zoos.

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fun activities

useful tips, fun facts & history

Learn about the history of the Canton of Bern, why Switzerland doesn’t actually have a capital, Bern’s famous residents and Swiss traditions.

Last, but not least, you will also get tips on which apps to download to make your stay easier, how to get to the hiking routes and how to stay safe. All of this information will make your holiday easier to organise and hopefully stress-free. Oh and look out for the fun facts spread about the guide!

At the end of every route there will be a little bonus material. All I am going to say is that these bonuses will add another level of fun to your time in Switzerland. And now my lips are sealed. Happy reading!

the bonus material